Being a PA (Program Aide)

Girls that have completed PAIT training, at camp or through council training can be a PA at Mountaindale West. PAs are girls entering 8th grade and higher. The PAs are leaders in their unit with the help and guidance of the adult leaders in the unit. The primary work is carried out by the PAs, and the adult leaders are there to help mentor the PAs in leadership and unit material. This is a working relationship between PA and adult.

PA Placements

Unit PAs

Daisy Units

The Daisy units are for campers going into Kindergarten and 1st grade.  PAs in this unit will not be staying overnight on Thursday.

Brownie Units

The Brownie units are for campers going into 2nd and 3rd grade.  PAs in this unit will not be staying overnight on Thursday.

Junior Units

The Junior units are for campers going into 4th and 5th grade.  Campers going into 5th grade will be allowed to spend the night on Thursday.  The 4th grade Juniors will be allowed to stay for an almost overnight PAs in this unit will be staying overnight on Thursday.

Sibling Unit PAs

The sibling units are for the young children of volunteers at camp.  There are a variety of units: some for the youngest children and the boys units which are Kindergarten and above.  Units that have boys going into the 5th grade will have the opportunity to stay the night on Thursday.

Rainbow PAs

This unit is a teaching and leadership unit.  All of the units in camp come to here to learn basic outdoor skills.  The PAs in this unit are given the opportunity to work with all levels of girls and to practice their leadership skills on a board basis.

Rainbow Lead PAs (Additional application and interview necessary)

You must be entering 10th grade to apply to be a Lead PA for the Rainbow unit.

The Lead PAs in this unit will help to plan what the unit will be doing from the skills to the activities.  They use their experience as leaders to work with the other PAs in the unit to schedule and hone their own leadership skills.  They are the point of contact between the PAs and adult leaders in the unit.  Being a Rainbow Lead PA we are expecting a two year commitment to allow for development of the program and transitioning to new Rainbow leads.

ODS (Outdoor Skills) PAs (Additional application and interview necessary)

You must be entering 10th grade to apply to be a Lead PA for the ODS unit.

The PAs in the Outdoor Skills unit plan, execute, and lead the activities of this unit.  They work closely with their adult leaders to utilize the resources available to them and to make sure that the required material for this unit is covered.  This is a very involved unit, and to ensure the continued development of the program and the transition to new PAs, it is an expectation that girls who request to be a PA in this unit commit for at least 2 years.

PAIT (Program Aide In Training) PAs (Additional application and interview necessary)

You must be entering 10th grade to apply to be a Lead PA for the PAIT unit.

The PAs in the PAIT unit are leaders teaching girls to be leaders.  This is the “last stop” for girls working through the progression to become PAs.  This is unit is very important because this is where the girls get the training they need to be PAs at camp the following year.  The PAs in this unit are expected to be strong leaders that are well organized, enthusiastic, and knowledgeable in the skills necessary to be a PA.  They will work very closely with the adult leaders in this unit to utilize resources, assure that training material is covered, and girls are still having fun in this hard working unit.  Since this is a very involved unit, it is important that PAs who apply to unit understand that they will be asked for at least a two year commitment in order to ensure the development of the program and allows for transitioning to new PAs into the unit.

PA Paperwork

PAs are required to fill out and turn in paperwork prior to being placed in a unit.  Even if you have filled these out last year, they are required every year.  It is expected that the PA fill out the applications and request their references.

All PAs

  • PA Application - due April 6th

  • 2 References (please remember these are people who know YOU.  It can be a teacher, someone you babysat for, troop or group leader, etc.)

Special Unit PAs 

PAs that are applying for the PAIT, ODS, and Rainbow Lead opportunities must fill out an additional form.  Girls who are applying to these units and who have not had a previous interview will be contacted for an interview.

PAs that are already in one of these units are expected to complete this application.

Paperwork Delivery

Paperwork will be completed differently this year:

  • After a PA registers for camp they will receive links in the confirmation email to fill out this year’s forms. The links are also on the left. Please be sure the PA is the one filling out the forms.

  • There will be separate links for the general PA application, lead PA application, and PA references.

  • You may pass the link for PA references on to individuals to complete.

  • There will be no paper forms this year.

  • Contact Woodstock at with questions.

PA Overnight

The PA overnight is at the time of outdoor training.  It starts after all of the adults have left for the evening.  This is also a time for the Golden PAs to lead the rest of the PAs in such things as creating kaper charts for the PA table, for the overnight, etc.  Also, it’s an opportunity for them to share camp information, rules, guidelines and words of wisdom.

The PA overnight allows the girls to do some wonderful bonding, play and work.  We like to wrap up the evening with a wonderful game of flashlight tag.

Frequently Asked Questions - It's All In the Details!

What is the PA Dress Code?

Simply put, be a role model to the campers.  We call it the three Bs – No Bare Bellys, Bums, or Breasts.   We will cover this in more detail at indoor training.  We ask that girls dress appropriately since they are considered leaders at camp.  Campers will be watching and emulating them, and the adults at camp will be looking to them to be professional and appropriate.

Is there a Code of Conduct?

We are Girl Scouts at a Girl Scout camp.  The Girl Scout promise and law applies.  This will be covered on training days as well and girls will be asked to sign their code of conduct.

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What if I have more questions?

As questions come in, we will post them here.  Please check here for answers first; if you do not find what you are looking for, please contact the PA Coordinator – Woodstock.