PAIT (Program Aide in Training) - $150

All girls entering grade 7 or above in the fall of this year will be placed in the Program Aid-in-Training unit. It is required that all girls entering this unit have had the Outdoor Skills Training.

Being a PA is an amazing experience, but with it comes responsibility. The PAIT unit is geared to preparing girls for being PAs the year after and beyond. The training is intense and friendships made between fellow PAITs are strong and lasting.

The training teaches the girls about leadership and how to work with younger girls. They complete the "Girl Scout Program Aide Outdoor Specialty Training".  Two days during the week of camp, the PAITs are placed in units; first time is to shadow the PAs in that unit and they will be able to observe what the role of a PA is like and then again to be the lead PA in that unit.