Volunteer Registration March 1-10, 2018 - All week, full time, adult volunteers and their campers only. This is a 100% volunteer run camp.

Non-Volunteer Registration March 20th, 2018; opens at noon - campers without adult volunteers

Registration paperwork & Girl Scout memberships due by March 25th (If incomplete, registration will be dropped and fee refunded less $10.)


  • Camp registration is first come; first served

  • Remember, all grade information pertains to your child’s grade in FALL 2018.

  • All campers & volunteers (except siblings & incoming kindergarteners) must be Girl Scout Members. This $25 fee can be paid at http://www.girlscoutsosw.org/. Girl Scout membership year is 10/1/17 to 9/30/18.

  • We do draw from the waitlist every year. Don’t be discouraged if you don't get in right away.

  • When signing up for volunteer registration, please sign yourself up first.

  • You will receive a confirmation email as long as your email is updated/valid. Please check your junk/spam folder.

  • Please return to Active Network to update medical records or to finalize your registration.  You can find the link in your confirmation email.


Closer to camp:

  • 1-3 weeks before camp a letter will arrive with general information about camp

  • 1-3 weeks before camp a separate postcard/letter will arrive with camper’s individual unit assignment, adult unit leader names, PA unit names and some additional camp information.


Fees & Payment

Grades are for Fall/September 2018

Daisy: $120 (Girls entering grades K-1)

Brownie: $120 (Girls entering grades 2-3)

Junior: $130 (Girls entering grades 4-5)

Outdoor Skills: $130 (Girls entering grades 6 and above)

PAIT: $130 (Girls entering grades 7 and above)

PA: $50 (Girls entering grade 8 and above and have completed PAIT training)

Widgets and Boys: $60 (Widgets pre-school and younger, Boys grades K-7)

  • Full payment is required when registering a camper and must be made and processed before any credits (such as cookie credits) can be applied.

  • If there is a family financial hardship, please contact a Director, prior to camp registration starting, for any possible options. Families will be evaluated on an individual basis.


  • Only full-time, full-week volunteers receive a fee discount.

  • Fee discounts are not given to the volunteer until the week of camp.

  • Paperwork at Indoor Training is required and must be signed to be eligible to receive the discount.

  • A signature is required during the week of camp in order to receive the fee discount check.

Girl Scout Memberhip

  • If a camper, PA or volunteer IS NOT REGISTERED with Girl Scouts for the current year, please pay the $25.00 Girl Scout annual membership dues online at http://www.girlscoutsosw.org/

  • Current Girl Scout membership runs from 10/1/17 – 09/30/18.

  • Last year's membership paid for camp is no longer current.

Cancellation policy

  • You may cancel for any reason prior to May 15 @ 6:00 p.m. All but $25.00 of your fee will be refunded for each camper or PA.

  • Canceling after May 15; there is no refund.

  • Contact the Registrar (3strawberry69@gmail.com) for all cancellations.

  • There is no refund for Girl Scout membership registration fee in either case.

Mountaindale West Day Camp’s policy is any camper (girls and PAs) that is accepted into camp with a volunteer, and that volunteer drops out of camp, all campers associated with that adult are also removed from camp. The privilege of registering early and guaranteeing a camper is in camp, is an exchange for the adult fulfilling the promise of helping for the week. If the adult quits (drops out), they did not follow through with their promise to the camp, and as such, everyone from that family will be removed from camp because they were given the special registration time frame.

The Directors of the camp reserve the right to consider a change in this policy if there is a serious injury, illness or family emergency. If you experience such an event, please be sure that the Directors are contacted.

Waitlisted registration

  • If a camper is not offered a spot at camp, their waitlist request will be held until July 13, 2018 (the Friday before camp week starts) in order to fill any dropped spot that might occur prior to camp.

  • There is no formal e-mail stating that a camper does not make it into camp since we are holding the waitlist until camp starts.

Cookie Credits

Did you earn a cookie credit? Did you know that you can use your credits to help pay for camp? Here is what you do:

  1. Register for camp; pay full fee.

  2. Write the camper’s name in Sharpie on the cookie credit card. Only the camper named on the cookie credit card can use the credit. The credits are not transferable and cannot be applied to any other family members or friends.

  3. During camp week (Mon-Thurs), your child may hand deliver their cookie credit.  Put it in an envelope addressed to "registrar" and have your child give it to one of their unit leaders.

  4. Please include a slip of paper that has the camper's name, the amount of credit on the card and what amount of the card balance you would like to apply towards the camp fee.

  5. Once we have received the cookie credit, the credit will be validated through the Girl Scouts of Oregon and Southwest Washington and then applied toward your registration fee. A check for the cookie credit amount will be mailed to you once this process has been completed.

    Please note – this process could take 1-2 months; depending on our ability to validate the credit.

If you have questions, contact Thin Mint at thinmint40@gmail.com or Strawberry at 3strawberry69@gmail.com