Sibling Units - $60

The sibling units are designed to give our full-time volunteers a place to send their preschool campers and sons during the day to have fun while the adults volunteer with units at camp. The sibling camper must be a child of the adult volunteer.

Sibling units are age appropriate.  The siblings are given the same privileges as the Girl Scouts units at the camp. They get to participate in cooking, ice cream making, arts and crafts, songs and games, hiking and much more.  The boy units usually plan more activities that are geared to their ages and abilities.


The Widgets are three and four-year old boys and girls. This unit typically has a higher ratio of PAs and Volunteers to campers.  The Widget unit is assigned a unit site just like our camp units but usually lower on the hill and close to BIFFY's (Bathroom In the Forest For You) and the meadow. Widgets will also have the privilege of using flush toilets near Pavy's.

All Widgets must be potty trained.


We allow boys from widgets to going into 7th grade.  We break the boy units into group based on grade level.  Boys who will be going into grade 5, 6, or 7 will be eligible to spend the night on Thursday night. While the girl campers sleep in the meadow under the stars, the boys sleep up at Rafters, an area away from the girls.