PA Paperwork

PAs are required to fill out and turn in paperwork prior to being placed in a unit.  Even if you have filled these out last year, they are required every year.  It is expected that the PA fill out the applications and request their references.

All PAs

  • PA Application - due March 26th

  • 2 References (please remember these are people who know YOU.  It can be a teacher, someone you babysat for, troop or group leader, etc.)

Special Unit PAs 

PAs that are applying for the PAIT, ODS, and Rainbow Lead opportunities must ALSO out an additional form.  Girls who are applying to these units and who have NOT had a previous interview will be contacted for an interview if they are being considered for a PA opportunity in one of these units.

PAs that are already in one of these units are expected to complete this application.

Paperwork Delivery

Paperwork can be turned in by one of the following methods:

  • Download, complete, scan and send to

  • Download, complete and mail to:
    Marianne Higgins
    3963 NW Banff Drive
    Portland, Oregon 97229

  • PA references can be turned in by the same methods as the application(s).